Friday, March 15, 2013

March Update

Game Requests so far: 
Twilight Imperium, Dune, Diplomacy and Republic of Rome. One whimsical request for Empires in Arms, full campaign game...

Early Registration has been good so far - keep spreading the word!

One thing I would like to solicit in the comments to this update is something our organizer mentioned back when announcing this year's date. We have a modest amount left in the treasury from last year - should we apply it to general snacks/drinks/refreshments or pick a night and order a bunch of pizzas, complementary to the participants?  I regret to say that my original suggestion of sending me for a hour long Swedish Massage was rejected outright.

Any ideas for sponsorship or promotions is also welcome!


  1. Either way. If I have to choose, I choose pizza.

  2. Opinions I've heard have led me to believe that a night of pizza and beverages (probably Friday or Saturday night, I would think) would be the way to go. That's pretty much what I'm leaning toward doing unless someone marshals a very strong consensus against it....