Wednesday, May 1, 2013

29 Days and Counting...

Hello Everyone!

Here we are in May already!  I can't believe how time flies, and it's finally looking like Spring....

Don't forget Ludophilia III is now less than a month away.  May 30 through Jun 2.  Hopefully all of your plans are in place and you're ready to go.  Here are a few things to remember:

We're at the Comfort Suites in Schaumburg, 1100 E. Higgins Rd.  (  Make a reservation now if you're staying overnight, and be sure to ask for the Ludophilia rate of $79/night.

We're requesting $10 per person per day.  Technically, the buy-3-days-get-the-4th-day-free offer has expired, but just between you and me, if you still want to send $30 for all 4 days, I'll still accept it.  (Email me for my address if you don't have it.)  Otherwise, I'll collect money at the door.

A number of people have listed the games that they'll be bringing on our spreadsheet at  This is very helpful to avoid unnecessary duplications and also to make sure that what you want to play will be there.  I have a large collection, but I'm only bringing a couple hundred games, so take a look and let me know if there's something you want to play that isn't already on the list -- I may have it!

Currently, I think I only know the travel itinerary for 1 person flying in (Steve Q).  If you're going to be arriving at the airport and don't already have a ride planned to the hotel, please let me know your plans (arrival time and airline), and we'll start making arrangements to get people picked up.