Thursday, May 9, 2013

Your Top 3

What are the top 3 games you want to play at Ludophilia III?  The ones that will make you consider the weekend a failure if you don't get to play them....

I think mine are:

1) Clash of Cultures:  I bought this about 2 months ago and still haven't tried it.  It's a light- to moderate-weight Civ building game that looks like fun, but it's probably just a little too long to be popular at normal game days.

2) Magic Realm:  Mark Ashton, Bill Desmarais, and I have been playing online to try to get a grip on the rules.  I've been harboring a wish to learn how to actually play this game since I was about 15 -- at least it's been sitting on my shelf unplayed since then.  I feel like we finally are getting it, at least with the help of the RealmSpeak program.  Now I'd like to see if we could actually manage it unassisted and maybe with about a half dozen players...

3) Dune:  Another oldie, but definitely a goodie.  There will be no better time to play than with pretty much all of the best players I've ever known all in the same room together (assuming Joe Abrams and Glenn McMaster also appear as promised!)  Steve Quinn, John Tammes, and Scott Wennerdahl taught me how to play more than 30 years ago, I taught Bill Dyer, Lee Proctor, and Wray Ferrell, among others, and now Bill and I are teaching our kids, and the guys (and gals) at WBC have far outdistanced my abilities and teach me stuff every year.

Of course, there are tons of other games I want to play, too many to list.  Some of the new ones (new to me, at least) that I know other folks are bringing that I *really* want to try are T'zolkin, Terra Mystica, Great Zimbabwe, Netrunner, Pax Porfiriana, and Spartacus, to name a few.

Getting excited!


  1. Surely your omission of Amoeba Wars was for humorous effect - yes?

    Third Reich is set for me already.


  2. Amoeba Wars would be oddly entertaining. Right alongside Wizard's Quest. (What's worse? An Orc Frenzy or an Amoeba Attack?) Hmm, maybe I should throw one of these on the list...